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People first

In a digital age, technology is the critical enabler of business transformation and people empowerment. Connecting your people inside with your people outside, your customers, partners and suppliers through digital transformation is what the team at amtap are about. Digital is about thinking different, thinking new, and being innovative in your domain of expertise and we are here to help you with that. For the team at amtap “People First” is not just a tag line it’s the the basis of the journey between your enterprise and our team with a set purpose in mind.


Technology only works well when people and the digital tools they rely on are aligned. Our focus therefore starts with understanding the current state of your people, business processes and technology solutions. Once we know where we are today we can develop the strategy and roadmap to the future leveraging the best of your people and the right mix of technology needed. By completing the picture of the “Current State” and the “Future state” the journey to digital empowerment will stay on the road and not end up in the ditch.


Technology based solutions come in many forms: good, bad and ugly. Having an independent and experienced team of digital professionals whose own success relies on our customers’ success is a powerful driver for the optimum solution. As technology consultants our job is to assist you to align that “Future State” of people and process to the most cost effective, feature rich and intuitive set of technology tools available in the marketplace today. We can assist with a go-to-market approach or as a broker for best of breed solution options based on cloud, Saas or bespoke offerings.

Our Solutions

The Embedded Option

The amtap embedded approach provides your enterprise with a dedicated Senior Digital Analyst (SDA) that lives and breathes your business and your people for a set duration of time. Working onsite with your people, customers, suppliers and partners the amtap SDA actions the fundamental work packages for “Current State” through to “Future State”. This option is flexible and can be gated at anytime meaning your have control over what stages of the work can be completed within your budget and timeline.

The Hybrid Option

The amtap hybrid approach provides your enterprise with a defined scope of work for the Senior Digital Analyst (SDA) to action. The work packages can be selected as required and may include UX design, Online strategy, Option analysis, Business case Development, ICT Procurement and custom packages appropriate to your needs.

The Gold Standard Option

The amtap Gold Standard option includes all work packages that are required to transform your enterprise into a well connected, intelligent, people first Digital ready business ready to take on the world. The Gold Standard option is a long-term partnership which starts with an amtap Senior Business Analyst scoping work package that identifies the issues, builds the strategies for your Digital transformation and provides the options and costs for the entire journey. By long-term we man that amtap will be there for you from beginning to end and will maintain, enhance and manage your digital assets and key systems. We guarantee that your enterprise will save money, enhance customer connectivity and have the right mix of technology to thrive and prosper in the digital world.

The Amtap Team

Paul Sotheran

Principal Digital Analyst

Ken jones

Senior Business Analyst

Leigh Thompson

Senior Data Analyst

Amy Sotheran

Digital Designer

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